24 May 2008

New York Times story

Today's "Beliefs" column in the New York Times is dedicated to The Secular Conscience, which, it says, "glows with Mr. Dacey’s confidence in John Stuart Mill’s principle that every idea should be 'fully, frequently and fearlessly discussed,' lest it 'be held as a dead dogma, not a living truth.'"

During the more than two hour interview with Peter Steinfels in preparation for this article, I could tell that he had read the book closely. It turns out he is sympathetic to some of its main themes. This comes as a big relief to me, because I was so jet-lagged at the time I have no idea what I said!

By coincidence, a story about my work also appeared today in another publication, one which has never faced high-profile accusations of story fabrication: my hometown newspaper (well, near my hometown, which was so small that it had no daily paper). See The Marshall Independent for the local-boy-makes-good scoop.


Lucky Guy said...

Mr. Dacey, I was almost drawn into agreeing with you as I was reading Steinfels' Beliefs colunt in today's NY Times article (5/24/08). But then there appeared the issue of gay marriage, and you lost me. While you confidently pontificate on such issues, I have to live my life in the reality of denied legal rights and denied equality. I'm in my sunset years. Should I patiently wait for a moral debate and consensus that will in all likelihood not emerge in my life time? Sorry, but not if I don't have to! You can claim the higher ground, I'll take what I can get before it's too late.

JSTaylor said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Austin--what a *terrific* coup to receive such news coverage! The NY Times piece was pretty impressive, too...

This really is absolutely *superb* news, and this recognition is *richly* deserved. Congratulations again!!