18 March 2008

Where is The Secular Consience now? In stores

It is March 18, official publication date. I just called Barnes & Noble at Union Square and Lincoln Center to discover that The Secular Conscience is in. "Please hold while I transfer you to philosophy." So, these stores at least have opted not to file me under Atheism, in the Religion aisle, but instead in philosophy. No doubt they read my incisive blog about the mistake of defining secularism merely as the negation or religion. The point of The Secular Conscience is not so much to go after religion as to come before it.

Please ask for The Secular Conscience at your local bookseller, and if you have a moment, let me know where it is located. This will satisfy my curiosity and drive up demand for the book at the booksellers at the same time!

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Jorgon Gorgon said...

Sadly, at my local Borders it is in the religion/atheism section. I'll go there on Thu to pick up my copy and will make sure to remember to yell at them.;)